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My jaw was really sore but his hands had moved from my nipples to my pussy and he was telling me how wet I was and how much of a good fuckdoll I was.
I tried to thank him for his compliments but I couldn’t really make any noise. Teen tv modeling.
Janey hit enter and sighed, her fingers moving faster in her pussy as she remembered Angus’ rough hands forcing her open.
Lace’N’Silk: And then he pulled out of my mouth and I nearly threw up because of how big he was, and he flipped me over and told me he intended to cum in my tight little ass, but he was going to lube himself up first in my dripping wet pussy.

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He was really rough shoving his huge cock into my pussy and I felt like he was ripping me open.
I moaned really loudly when he finally bottomed out and he slapping his hand across my face and reminded me we were in public, and a good fuckdoll doesn’t make any noise. Fat teen sucking black dick.
I whimpered when he pulled my hair and he grabbed my shirt and shoved part of the sleeve into my mouth to keep me quiet.
SugarDaddy420: I’m going to want to buy that shirt as well if you’re okay with that Lace. Liby69 bookofher chat movie.
Janey whimpered and fell backwards against the head of her bed.

Her orgasm made her body spasm and her pussy ache even more.
Lace’N’Silk: Of course.
Lace’N’Silk: Angus was fucking me really good and I was starting to get into the rhythm but then he spat on my ass and I knew I was about to be challenged. Filthy anal pov.
He asked me if I was ready and I said yes – it was nice that he asked – and he pulled his cock out of me and started to push it against my asshole.