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It filled the high definition screen again.
“ Gorgeous cunt isn’t it?” I said.
“ It’s fucking amazing, god I wish I was there.
” Jeff said stroking his engorged cock, his breath quickening.
“ What would you do?” I asked. Horny teachers net looking for sex.
“ I.
I’d get in line and fuck her like a little whore.
I’d fuck her pussy.
I’d fuck my hot little daughter’s cunt!” He said, almost in disbelief that he had heard himself say it.
The screen split.
We had brought out a second camera to record the expression on Heather’s face as each man entered her her pussy and fucked her to completion. Are you looking to have a good night.
Jeff got to see both views of his daughter.
A tight shot of her fuck box as Mike buried the length of his cock into her and her face with each man behind her, holding her hips, thrusting in and out until he filled her with his seed. Ahna big boob.
“ Fuck me, oh god, yes, fuck me, daddy, fill my cunt.
Oh god, I love it daddy!!” She moaned.
One by one each of the men took his place behind her.
Dave, Mike, Robert, Mark and then Trevor.
As each man withdrew his cock from her well fucked pussy, cum oozed from Heather’s pink snatch and down her thighs. Vigina leaking sperm.
She never stopped begging for cock even as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her body.

When the last man had emptied his balls into the young woman and withdrew his cock, her cunt was gaping wide and filled with what seemed like gallons of milky white fluid. Bella heathcote.
The video went to black and then reappeared much like it had begun with the five men in a semi circle and Heather sitting on the floor, only this time covered in cum and it still leaking from her still wide gash between her legs. Girls squirt orgasm realsquirt female pleasure.
“ Thanks Jeff.
We had a great time with your daughter.
” they all said in unison.
“It’s still early, so we’ll probably fuck her a few more times before the day is through, but you get the idea,” Mike added. Speed dating in pittsburgh.
Heather turned to the men and took the nearest cock in her mouth and one in each hand as the video faded to black.
“ Damn! Mark did a great job with the video, don’t you think Jeff?” I asked.
“Especially the split screen at the end so you can see Heather’s expression as the guys start to fuck her.

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” “ This is unbelievable.
I can’t.
I mean, I just watched my teenage daughter fuck and suck off five guys.
” Jeff said exasperated.
“ Amazing, I know.
Makes me want to fuck her again Jeff.
I bet you would love to bury your cock in her about now after seeing that wouldn’t you?” I asked. Naughty girls keene virginia.
“ I.
I don’t know Jake.
I mean you actually fuck Jessica and watch as others do too?” Jeff asked.
“ You saw the photos, you saw her sucking my dick right her on the couch a little bit ago.