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Within minutes both had stripped down to their undies.
My cock was rock hard as I looked at Kelly.
She had a smoking hot well-toned body.
This girl obviously did some gym work, and I had been right, her legs were great. Hitchhiker hardcore picture galleries.
Aisling was the first one to get her tits bare.
I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing my erection through my trousers as Kelly started to suck and bite Aisling’s nipples.
She started to kiss her way down Aisling’s stomach until she reached her panties. Allysa milano soft porn.
Aisling lifted her bottom off the sofa and Kelly quickly pulled her panties off.

I could see that Aisling’s pussy lips were swollen and engorged.
Aisling let out a loud moan as Kelly brushed her fingers against her slit. Princessray sex chat arabic.
This was too much for me, I didn’t care what Kelly thought, and I quickly undressed and sat back in the chair with my 10 inch cock in my hand and slowly wanked it while Kelly buried her face in my wife’s juicy cunt. Sex chat on marquette phones marquette.
Kelly glanced over to me and I could see her interest in my cock.
She continued to work Aisling with tongue and fingers until with a loud “Yessssssssssss oh yesssssss” she climaxed and too my surprise squirted in the same way that Davina had.

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I couldn’t help but think that Aisling could be more Lesbian than straight as she had never squirted for me.
Kelly stood up and made a big show of dropping her own panties revealing a cleanly shaved and very neat little cunt. Cfnm jerk loving babe sucks dick cfnm.
She looked me straight in the eye as she inserted a couple of fingers into her own slit before withdrawing them and showing me the juices.
She held them out to me, and before I knew what I was doing I had got up and sucked them clean. Drinks dinner massage.

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