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It wasn’t until the fourth crack of the whip that I began to cry.
I was crying not only because it hurt more than anything, but also because he chose this whip because he knew very well that it was going to hurt bad. Thai dating guide.
Silent tears were rolling down my cheeks; I would not give him the satisfaction of hearing my cries.
After a bit I started to go to that place in my mind, the one where I can block out the pain and just be numb.

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“Ember, you’d better be counting, because when I ask you how many you got, if you’re wrong I’ll double it.
” My Master knew my tricks, if he made me count I couldn’t stay in my place.
“Yes Master,” I quietly said through tears. Old women sexy free chat.
I counted all 34 of them and when he asked for the number it was right.
“Are you sorry for being such a bad little slut?” he asked me in a very cold voice.

A whispered “Yes Master,” was all I could get out. Sexy boob images.
“Good, then I’ll give you time to think about the way you should have acted.
” And with that he walked out of our room leaving me there all alone.
I think the fact that he left me there still tied down hurt more than the whip did. Free sexchat site.

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