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I hoped they wouldn’t be going up the old road, as our car might not make that.
We gave them some time, and then followed, slowly driving along, looking to see if there was a turn-off that they might have taken. Naked wamen haveing sex with a men.
There are a few, but the main ones were for a canoe launching point, and then further on the parking area for St Elena Canyon.
We drove down to St Elena, but their pickup was nowhere to be seen, so we retraced our steps to the launching area and parked our car just off the road. With parents on nudist beach.
We went through our plan, and then we locked the car and started off down the track.
I went with Jim for a short distance, until I could see that the girls’ pickup was indeed there, and then left Jim to saunter down the road. Real teen amatuer.
I took to the bushes and trying to keep hidden, moved through them until I could see the girls working on the slipway.

Jim came into sight as well, and they started to talk.
He’s a good looking guy, a bit shorter than me, but well muscled and with a manner that can charm the birds off the trees. From behind maturesex skirt.
It seemed to be working, as Jo and Pat downed tools and the three of them sat on rocks, trailing their feet in the water, and chatted in a friendly way.
I managed to get closer, without being seen, and settled in my vantage point to await developments. Wasps sting clitoris.
They didn’t take long to happen, and to my surprise it was Pat who started things off.
Maybe Jim had been giving her breasts a lot of attention, but she unbuttoned her shirt and stood there in front of him, so he could feast his eyes on them.

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Soon it was not just his eyes, as his hands went behind her to undo her bra, and the lovely pair were revealed, then cupped in his waiting hands.
They moved close together in a deep long kiss, hands roaming, and undoing other clothes, and before very long, with Jo still sitting there watching, the pair were naked, and enjoying a 69 on the towels beside the sandy river shore. Who is miley cyrus dating from twilight.
I could see Pat’s mouth working on Jim’s hard cock, and as he was on top at the time, his hips jerking as he fucked her mouth.
His mouth wasn’t idle and although I couldn’t see, from Pat’s reactions he had found the right spot. Spank sister in law pics.
Jo just sat there still, but I could see that she had a hand down the front of her shorts and was obviously masturbating.
The two of them suddenly separated and Pat tugged at Jo’s arm, grabbing her hand and pushing it down onto Jim’s erect cock, and encouraged her to give him a slow and sensual hand job.

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I could see her fingers caressing the skin under the rim of his circumcised cock, and those of her other hand sliding under him to finger fuck his ass.
His body jerked and I could see Jo catch his stream of sperm on her shirt and face. Ludmila80 free milf chat anonymous.
That was the signal for her to take off her clothes, and she and Pat jumped into the river, and after a short swim, came together in a long passionate kiss.
While they were otherwise involved, Jim grabbed their clothes and shoes and hastily dressing himself, made his retreat back to our car, where he put the clothes in the boot, and drove off to Castellon. Gangtok girls fucking.
Meanwhile, the girls had left the water and were kissing and sucking their breasts, while their hands were stroking their pussies and clits, oblivious to the fact that Jim had gone, and it was not long before both, with the timing of long time lovers, started to have a hard and prolonged orgasm. Memphis speed dating.