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I will use “Red” to immediately end a scene or session.
I am to give myself freely to Sir.
In doing so, I am to be open and honest about my wants and needs and be secure in the ability of Sir to make me feel safe in expressing these to Him. Dating game contestant sentenced.
I am free to ask any questions that I have.
I have a right to an answer from Sir.
He will always answer me, taking my feelings and concerns into consideration.

I am to have only panties on when it is only Sir and me, unless told otherwise. Tori black first porn.
When I am kneeling or being restrained, I will only look straight forward unless instructed to look elsewhere.
Rights, Duties, and Obligations ~ Dominant A.
I promise to care for and cherish my little one. Just looking for an internet friend.
I will help her, teach her and guide her, show her her limits and take her beyond them.

I have the right to use her body so long as I do not damage her, inflict lasting injury or harm her mentally.
I can use her as a servant. Free busty blouse gallery.
I have her tend to my whims and needs.
I will use implements and tools on her for my own pleasure.