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As much as I loved giving head, I detested navigating through a thicket to get to the treasure.
Believe me, I tried to get Jon to trim the lawn just a little, but he insisted on the ‘earthy’ look.
It was earthy all right. Tit flashing in public.
He had hair enough to style in no less than three different fashions.
at once, I might add: a braid on the left, curls in the middle, and dreadlocks on the right.
Rapunzel has nothing on Jon.
So, during my drive home, I planned a few moves. Seniors for dating.
“Bae, would you pour me a little Moscato? I’ll be right back, okay?” I darted for the bathroom off the master bedroom.

Took me a couple minutes to locate the necessities for the evening’s activities.
I put a hand towel on the granite countertop, and placed electric clippers, hand trimmers, disposable razors, a straight edge, and some shaving cream on top of the towel. Transdiva free nude cams.
Surely one or more of these sharp objects would do.
To the right of the towel I positioned a comb and brush, a box of chemical relaxer, a straightening comb, a flat iron, and some hair rollers as alternatives. Latex text math.
I gave him options.
I’d play the barber or the beautician: client’s choice.
“I have wine for my gorgeous wifey.

Rain, what are you doing,” Jon asked as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom.
busted! Online chat with sexy granny. I wanted to change into something sexy to sweeten the deal.
But Jon was too quick.
There I stood in my work clothes; a mid-thigh navy pencil skirt, a beige blouse, and three-inch pumps.
Determined to make my attire work, I placed my hands on my hips and greeted my patron, “Welcome to Rain’s Salon. Fat de soto iowa girls porn.

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