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Oh-God —she gulped loudly.
She moved forward, her eyes staring at Gabriel’s bare chest.
Even banged up, bandaged and with wires connected everywhere, he was glorious.
His pecs were meaty, arms ropey, and abs hard-looking and chiseled. Victoria sweet fucking machines.
His hair spilled a little over both shoulders and looked as though he still had little particles of sand clinging to the inky strands.
Sexy scruff darkened the lower half of his face, highlighting his soft, lush lips.

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Looking at that mouth made Abigail quiver with the memory of his kisses and feel of those scratchy whiskers nuzzling into her throat.
She hugged herself, almost afraid she’d succumb to the temptation of just stroking him everywhere. Folic acid deficiency low sperm count.
“Don’t be afraid,” Anna Maria was saying sweetly with a smile.

“Go on and give him a kiss, hijita.
” Abigail felt her face grow hotter.
Moving closer, she puckered her lips, and bent, pressing them daintily to his. Erotic web cams.
Oh-so magical.
Heat suffused her entire being at the contact, and that delicious throbbing grew again.
He shifted, eyes fluttering open a bit to look at her.

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