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The priest has fled, and the village is strangely silent; no sound of good wives gossiping at their doors or the happy laughter of children playing.
I awoke two days ago to find my dear wife dead on the floor lying in a pool of her own vomit and blood. Public facial cumshots gallery.
The stench was terrible.
I am still very weak, but I managed to crawl to the hearth and filled my belly with cold potage and mouldy bread.
I do not have the strength to bury my wife so I covered her body with a blanket and said a prayer for her soul; may God have mercy. Charlizehot4you www usa wild gay porn.
She was a good woman even though she couldn’t give me any children to carry my name.
Some people said I should have put her aside, but I loved her dearly and that I would not do.
I grieve for her and such terrible loneliness afflicts my soul, but I no longer have tears to shed.

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Cawood, May 21st.
I have decided after much thought that I must leave my home and this village and make my way to York.
There is none other left alive here and I have no future in this place.
At least I have my trade to fall back on, for surely there will be work for a carpenter wherever there are people still alive, if only to make coffins for the dead. Seniors for dating.
I have managed to find some food in the houses of my neighbours — it cannot be theft if one takes from the dead what they no longer have need of.
Tomorrow I shall set out carrying my tools and what money I have to seek a better fortune in the world. Pictures crazy chubby.
York, The White Hart, May 23rd.
And so I find myself in a motley company.

We are a rag bag collection of men — and a few women — survivors of the judgement of God, if there is a God, which I start to doubt. Johanna97 sexcy vduo sxs.
Some of us were fortunate not to be afflicted, but there are others such as me who have been through the fire and come out alive, though not unscathed.
None will ever forget the horrors we have seen and we will all bear the scars until our mortal lifes end. Chat dating rencontres ecard forum.
Some have reported whole villages with not a single soul left alive.
Strange to tell this pestilence was no respecter of persons.
Men and women of high rank and of none were struck down.