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Lera relaxed her jaw, and a powerful jet with one spittle poured deep into her throat.
A hot portion of the seed spontaneously fell into the esophagus.
The novel eased the pressure, and the spouse instantly freed herself from her penis, breathing like a swimmer, after stopping off.

And between the spread legs, for almost the entire depth, the rubber phallus continued to vibrate and slowly move.
His trunk glittered from the abundance of lubricant, which stood out in continuous streams around the perimeter of the vaginal opening, smeared over swollen and reddened lips, and flowed down the anus, hiding between two buttocks.
Roman took pity on his wife, who still could not catch her breath, and decided to leave her mouth alone, and he still had another unused hole.

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He parted his guilty wife’s legs as wide as possible, bent their knees and threw them over his shoulders.
Her ass, lying on the pillow, led to the standing member of her expanded, red point.
At the same time, the busy vagina was slightly higher.
Roman, izvazyukav fingers in viscous nectar, first one, and then the second, inserted into the hot anus of his wife.
Remembering a picture two days ago, when two soldiers pulled her into both holes at the same time, Lera pushed her torso and then asked her husband to insert it into her rectum.
Not a member dried out from saliva, with great pressure began to slowly penetrate into the butt-smeared but strongly compressed from the neighboring phallus.
Roman could not continue to act at a fast pace, his unit was delayed by body movement.

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At the top lift, a member at first stretched out, and then crawled out of dense ticks.
And when lowering it shrank, increasing in diameter, and even more slowly penetrating back.
Feeling the power and density of their holes, Lera was choked with pleasure and finding orgasms.
She felt for the first time in her gut two large aggregates at the same time.
Forgetting about what happened in the military unit, she thanked her husband for such an unexpected meeting and a prepared surprise, showered him with kisses and strong arms.
The novel did not turn away, but did not show reciprocal feelings, still angered at the spouse.
Trying to move deeper into the rectum, he pressed pubis on the artificial penis, switching the buttons with each push.
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