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The old sex machine gun once again peacefully rested in its corner, like the memory of a big flight, undisturbed by anyone and nothing, except with the hand of a mother washing the dust off it, as if there was no late sexual adventure with a child in his life.
Andrei heard the click of the door lock and the hurried steps of bare female legs along the corridor towards the kitchen, and a minute later he was back.

The lock clicked twice.
The young man froze and listened, feeling the strength of his penis poured.
It was quiet.
Andrei got out of bed and leaned his ear against the wall.
From there came quite subtle sounds of some sort of fuss, then Olga coughed and for a moment everything was quiet.
“Probably went to bed,” Andrei thought.
But something kept him against the wall.
The member still throbbed, dispersing the heat through the young body.
There was a muffled, drawn-out moan.
Such as if Olga covered her mouth with her hand.
Exhausted Andrew could not hold back tightly squeezed the swollen head and with a powerful movement of his hand he exposed her completely.
In the testicles nicely tickled.
The young man stopped for a moment enjoying the moment, and then with the same confident hand movement walked back and back again, gradually increasing the pace.
Behind the wall were the animals of Olga’s sobbing and some kind of rustling.
Andrew with a frenzy jerked his dick, but could not finish.
Now he knew that it was true that the sounds were not the desired hallucination caused by an excess of hormones.
His neighbor masturbates accurately and does it quite often.
He imagined her lying on the bed, with a working vibrator in the vagina, one stocking unhooked from the lace belt and gathered around the ankle, while the woman herself squeezed her chest, rolling her eyes and licking her parched lips.

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A shrill

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cry of passion rang out from behind the wall; he was very loud, unlike the quiet sobs that accompanied this evening.
Andrei made a few more movements and began to water the floor in front of him abundantly.
His legs buckled, he squatted on his heels, leaning on his knees, and the penis was still throbbing, pulling the last drops of semen from himself.
On trembling legs, he reached the bed and, falling exhausted, fell into a dream.
Andrew got up early.
Throughout the night he was obsessed with obsessive dreams with a neighbor who lost control of herself.
She bent in unnatural poses, beckoned him, putting her holes one after the other, moaning loudly, but as soon as his petrified member was ready to enter – Olga disappeared, leaving behind a light train and mocking laughter.
Now, returning to the beginning of the story, Andrew was standing by the dark window, with overflowing eggs and a pulsating hard end, as if there was not that crushing night orgasm.
The guy turned on the nightlight and wandered from corner to corner around the room, trying to collect his thoughts and occasionally glancing at the mirror door of the closet compartment.
Passing by the next time, he quickly looked at himself and turned away, but immediately stood up rooted to the spot.
It seemed to Andrew that for a brief moment in the mirror flashed a female silhouette.
The young man stopped dumbfounded.
He turned to the mirror and froze.
In the twilight of a room lit only by a dim nightlight, his figure really seemed feminine to him.
The guy’s face was flushed with crimson paint, from the sense of shame caused by the surging images of the past.
He remembered how, because of the cute little face, the last argument in disputes with him was always the word “girl”, after which he could not hold back bitter tears, and how his whole complex life was due to the fact that he had almost no body hair and face.
Skating lessons distracted him and hardened his temper, but now, in front of the mirror, he understood that his developed legs had lost a clear image of muscles for several months and looked like a woman’s dense and rounded, undeveloped torso with narrow shoulders also looked more like a woman, except for lack of breasts.
He timidly pulled panties upstairs so that they even more exposed the hips, squeezing the protruding member in front, and crashing between the buttocks behind.
Turning his back, Andrew bent, putting his ass and turned around over his shoulder, looked at himself. Korean teen sex cam.

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