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Therefore, a kind, clean, honest and unwilling to lie and bend under the other girl quickly gained fame white crows.
She did not go to smoke, did not drink wine and beer, did not run away at night on a date, did not be rude to teachers and teachers, did not steal and did not beg.
Therefore, she quickly found herself alone.

But her beauty and charming forms could not leave indifferent the male part of the population of the internat.
Behind her, periodically, all free and not quite free individuals of the male sex whipped.
Even male teachers showed signs of attention.
But all was in vain.
No gifts, no compliments, no surprises, did not help to reach her heart.
Even threats and blackmail had no effect.
But one day the unexpected happened.
On the road, which passed next to our Internat, some kind of a flyer accidentally or purposely shot down a dog.
There was nothing fundamentally new in this event, and the dog itself was not something surprising or special, but Marina saw it.
The woman’s heart was immediately filled with sympathy and compassion for the poor fellow, and the girl dragged the dog to the old boiler room and began to nurse.
Having a vague idea

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of ??the structure of the dog, Marina tied up the visible wounds and decided to leave the dog.
To do this, she began to carry with her breakfast, lunch and dinner some of her food.

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But apparently the dog was very voracious and did not want to eat one cutlet, a piece of bread and sugar.
She burst all in the blink of an eye and eagerly waited for supplements.
Apparently this is what prompted Marina to steal the stew from the dining room.
At night, when everyone was asleep, she secretly crawled into the catering department and opened a warehouse.
Here it must be said that the nightly sorties of hungry pupils were not uncommon and therefore the lock on the warehouse door was opened with any clip.
Having gathered four cans of stewed beef, Marina left the catering department and was met by the attendant on duty, who, according to the law of meanness, passed by.
The teacher was a fifty-year-old maid who, to the pain in her back, hated all the children, especially the pupils.
Therefore, frankly spitting on the tears and explanations of Marina, the next morning she passed it to the director.
After lunch, there was a general line, on which Marina was called a thief, dragging the last meal from her comrades, a scoundrel who forces orphans to starve.
It was all a little ridiculous, because no one ever went hungry, and even the catering workers took home three times more every day than Marina took, but the orphan fraternity did not miss the opportunity to mock the white crow.
They all pretended that they were angry at her and were looking for theft.
From the white crows the girl was quickly transferred to the category of scapegoats, and at number one.
Now all the offenses and sins were written off at her expense.
The hardest and hardest job ever got her.
Her filth and humiliation, as it is always found in the children’s team.
Deprived of her rights and loaded with duties, Marina very quickly lost all her respect and authority and could not find a way to deal with the problems and tasks of self-determination in her social group. Lesbian webcam mom.

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