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She let go of my legs and lay down exhausted.
I involuntarily stroked my mistress, when suddenly a shadow moved over me – Vlad approached me, putting in front of me my beginner to gather strength of the donut.
I already understood what they wanted from me, and with great pleasure I began to suck on a strained head.

Vlad was apparently surprised that I was so submissive that I didn’t even say anything, but just began to enjoy my first blowjob.
Anya, meanwhile, got up from me, and already turning to me, began to caress me.
Not so rude as at the beginning, but on the contrary, she tried to add me pleasure.
Her fingers were already caressing my newly fingered slit, and her lips and tongue were not sticking out of my nipples.
I melted under this pressure.
On the one hand, a powerful member in the mouth, and on the other hand, an experienced lesbian, who is courting my erogenous zones.

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I became a frequent guest at their home then.
Vlad fucked me so often and so hard that he tormented the condoms in bundles.
I don’t know if that sister’s presence affected him, but he finished and recovered more quickly with her.
Together with Anya, they simply gave me no respite and used my holes as they wanted.
I even saw how in a fit of passion these depraved twins kissed when finished.
But most of all I was struck by one episode.
Once Vlad was fucking me, with my legs high, and Anya at that moment caressed my clitoris with my tongue.
I just flew away from double stimulation.
My right hand has long been settled in the crotch of Ani.
With two fingers I made this muscular mare groan and twitch.
Vlad that day had me without a prezik, so his orgasm did not take long to wait.

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When he pulled a member out of me, I just fucked up.
Anya, without thinking for a second, wrapped her purple trunk with her lips and took the whole charge of sperm into herself.
At the same time she was wildly shaken, she moaned and moaned with pleasure, Anya frantically lifted the seed from Vlad with her hand and lips.
My hand just flooded with juices.
I saw how the heavy breasts of this slut swayed and how her brown nipples were strained.
The view was just awesome.
Fatal number from the twins Savinov – brother finished, and my sister drinks all the sperm from his smooth member.
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