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How many sexy sights I miss, just because I’m a woman.
This thought really got me and I wanted to fuck him very much.
However, it was harder than I thought.

I literally fell on him with a strong push.
Lying on his back, I felt that I had found the most comfortable position and started vigorously fucking Dave while he was moaning with pleasure.
Gradually increasing the tempo, I asked Dave: “Do you like the way I fuck you in the ass?” “Oh yeah!” – he sighed.
“How about that?” I moved my hips very hard, deeply plunging Dick’s ass.
He screamed.
“Do you love it? You love a fat long cock in your ass.
Do you want even more? “” Yes! Fuck me harder. ”
I climbed up on my elbows and began vigorously hammering his ass pulling the penis almost completely and slamming him back hard.
But it was not very convenient, so I pulled out a member and looked at his yawning anal hole.
“Lie on your back.”
He rolled over and I, grasping his ankles, pulled him to the edge of the bed.
I stood on the floor and put his legs on my shoulders.
Such a control! I easily plunged a member into his ass, in one quick motion.
Holding his thighs, I delivered long, deep blows, admiring the spectacle.
I found it was very easy to change the fucking pace.
Something made me keep the rhythm high, although I assumed that it was impossible for him to bear my beats.

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However, the appearance of his penis, which was hard as a stone, said that he liked my actions.
But everything must end once – thirty minutes of fucking tired me out.
“Hold him,” I told Dave.
Then I climbed onto the bed and sat over his head.
I wanted 69! “Oh shit!” Dave exclaimed, “You’re so wet! Mmmm.”
His last words were muffled by my pussy.
I was about to explode when his tongue slid into me.
Leaning down, I removed the condom from him.
After about ten seconds, he began filling my mouth with sperm.
But then my own orgasm broke me.
I was like a fish like fish, I was so relaxed.
Somehow I rolled to the side and lay on my back.
Dave got closer and hugged me.
“Thank you,” he said dreamily, fully expressing my thoughts.
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Repeated Irishka, the situation began to intrigue her, because nothing terrible happened, well, think, a pleasant-looking man will command her! She clearly understood that in the depths of her soul she had dreamed about it and now it seems like a case! – Go buy a little.
The man’s voice interrupted her thoughts.
She silently got up and ran to the water.
The sea immediately cooled her whole body.
Thoughts frantically rushed about in my head: “What can I do? Maybe I can just leave.
But you wanted this! Fearfully?! But where if not here? What will happen next? A man is solid, brought up, does not cause bad thoughts. ”
“I will continue, and there I will

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look” with this last thought she went to the lounger.
She lay down, immediately feeling her warm towel on her tummy.
“Who allowed you to lie down?” The question took the girl by surprise, stopping a heap of thoughts.
She raised herself up and looked questioningly at the man.
– You deserve punishment, you guilty twice! The words returned Irishka to the ground, she remembered that she had accepted the conditions of the game that she did not quite understand.
– Yes my Lord! Serial sex online.

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