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“But you yourself bought robes for us in the sex shop,” the novice screamed.
– Right.
Because you have to realize every minute that you are evil by your very existence.

By your very flesh you, woman, are sin incarnate! – But in these cassocks we want all the oncoming men! – And you with all your appearance, with all your behavior, with all your face, must demonstrate how pure, inaccessible and holy! From you should such a spirituality to bear, so that men instantly lowered their sinful organ !.
I meant – eyes.
He stopped in front of the girl: – And in confirmation of my correctness, you are ashamed to look at my face.
In my eyes! Laura threw up her head in dismay.
The inquisitor stared thoughtfully at the crushing, sticking out breasts that were crushed against the floor, right into the invitingly darkening hollow between them: – Well, of course.
How is it possible with such a damn face to show holiness to men? – But you yourself make us brightly painted! The inquisitor looked sternly at the beautiful, beautiful little face of the girl.
– Right.
Because the bride of Christ must be like an angel with her beauty.

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And you learn the arrogance to portray.
And then you burn with green eyes, like a lustful cat! And how do you go, forgive, Lord? I saw you come in here by the action of a harlot! – But you yourself have imposed on me the eternal penance of “High Heels”! Cried the golopopaya novice, frozen in a knee-elbow pose.
– So that I feel uncomfortable with every step and do not forget that I walk on the sinful earth.
– Yes, but I did not teach you to wag an ass with this! – But it is impossible to walk on such heels differently! Only – the leg in front of the leg,

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the leg in front of the leg.
Like a mannequin! You yourself taught me that when my legs were chained for three months.
– I bound you, so that you do not rush, like a mare! Five pairs of heels rolled! And by the way, they are worth the money! – the inquisitor took a breath.
– The monastery is full of rumors.
They say you have been seducing pious husbands with bare breasts for two weeks! Laura was already suffocated by indignation: – But you yourself have imposed Shame on me with the penance! For two weeks I had to walk, throwing out tits in the neckline, so that everyone stared, and I was ashamed.
Because shame and suffering purify the soul.
– Yes, but in the penance was not, so that you hands tits all under the nose popped! The novice slipped, her plump lips twisted, large transparent tears running down her tight cheeks: “My breast is very heavy.”
Dangles it hurts.
I held it so I wouldn’t hang out.
“Straighten up,” the inquisitor ordered.
Laura immediately stretched out on her knees and even spread her shoulders – her huge breasts stretched black silk to transparency. Sex hidden cam lesbian.

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