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But the desire burned the whole body, not giving a second respite.
The guy came closer and undid the handcuff.
Denis raised his eyes, stared at Andrei with unseeing eyes.

– BUT? What? he cried out in dismay.
“Shhhhh,” whispered Andrei.
“Go to bed.”
What do you have here, the battery.
– Aaaa, – Denis came up, he blinked sleepily, got up and braked a friend.
– Sash, get up, let’s go, go to bed.
“Don’t, don’t touch her,” Andrei stopped the boy.
“I’ll put her in another room, or else make a deal and arrange an escape.”
“Well, okay,” without waking up properly, Denis nodded and moved onto the bed.
Nose in the pillow, he immediately fell asleep again.
Sasha did not wake up, he slept soundly, nayamies during the day.
Andrei, breathing heavily with his whole chest, raised the “girl” in his arms and carried him into the next room.
Along the way, he inhaled the wonderful smell of her body, and her palms simply melted with the warmth and silk softness of the fabric of her dress.
Carefully setting Sasha on an unfolded sofa, Andrew darted back and locked Denis with a key – no matter what happens, but safety is no good to forget.
Silently, without saying a word, Andrew leaned over the insensible body.
He had no idea how to proceed, and in general what should now be done.
Following the logic, it is necessary to undress the girl.
But she is so beautiful in this dress.
Andrew, not suffering, bent lower, knelt and carefully put his hand on the bent leg.
The skin was a match for the dress – the same smooth, cool.
She wanted to not only stroke, but also to kiss. Sex is zero full movie english subtitle watch online.

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